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Energy Medicine Students and Practitioners 

Take Your Study of Energy Medicine to a New Level!

At this time our live classes are on hold. We will resume when current restrictions are lifted. Thanks for checking in!

Canada West Energy Medicine programs are designed to ensure that students are fully supported and prepared to enter the EM profession with comprehensive training and experience. Our classes are taught by skilled teachers with experience in a range of professional environments.

We will share innovative concepts to integrate into your practice. Each class will offer a blend of lecture and hands on experience. You will take home a comprehensive handout.

Developing Your Practice Classes in 2020/21 

Calgary, Alberta and Kamloops, BC

Each Development Course is three days- 9am to 5pm - $385 

This series of classes are designed to build upon each other, evolving through the four classes of 2019/20. There is no requirement to take all four classes - you are welcome to join us any time. There is a requirement of EEM Foundations Training to enrol in this series.

Journey Into The Essence Of The Energies 

All classes are on hold till 2021

Journey series 1 - 2021 

Journey series 2 -   2021

Journey series 3 -  2021

Journey series 4 -  2021

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We receive wonderful comments from our class participants that warm our hearts: 

"The Journey Classes have been powerfully valuable to me as an active practitioner.  Marianne has innovated many effective protocols that are unique and which are also part of an Eden-inspired world.  Marianne’s protocols have transformed my energy medicine practice.  I think Marianne’s work with Triple Warmer should be part of the EEM Certification Program.  

Lori offers a beautiful systematic approach to more focused work with acu-points within a 5 Elements framework.  For me, she has opened the door to an elegant and powerful world: I am using the spirit points more and more for self care and with clients.  

Marianne and Lori are great presenters and generous listeners; their styles are complementary and engaging. These classes are relatively small so that we’ve become a tight group of learners, benefiting from each others’ unique strengths.  I can’t recommend the Journey Classes more highly. This a very special program.”

“I love the esoteric stuff that can’t be learned by reading.”

“Everything was extraordinary. I so enjoyed the learning and the camaraderie, the sharing, and the love.”

“It was all so interesting and useful. The information connected and was so “easy” to internalize and experience. I recommend these classes. Just enough information without overwhelming. Value received!”

“Everything was interesting and useful. This class exceeded my expectations!”

“Everything was so interesting. Particularly the grounding protocol and learning to talk to the body.”

“I found the class to be awesome - great teachers, great participants and a relaxed atmosphere. Love the small group. Bottom line - it was fantastic!”

“Thank you so much for your leadership, courage, and love.”