Journey Series 4

Spread your healing wings!

Each three day offering is designed to advance your skills and your practice. 

We’ll take you to new levels of understanding energies and their connections, as well as developing your sensing skills.

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What You Will Experience in This 3-Day Course:

1 1/2 days with with Lori:

Lori will delve further into the essence of the Five Elements, their organs, meridians, and acupuncture points as seen through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This will give students a stronger feel for the spirit of TCM, and how it easily integrates into your Energy Medicine practice. Throughout the year, you will be learn the true spirit of key acupuncture points, thus advancing your healing skills to a new level. Protocols based on TCM and Energy Medicine will be taught each class. Assistance with grounding, letting go of what is no longer needed, and helping connect with a higher source are a few example of the protocols that will be discussed and practised throughout the upcoming year. Each class will consist of lecture and hands on learning.

  • Look into the Metal and Earth Elements, their corresponding organs, meridians, and key acupuncture points. 
  • Learn A powerful protocol incorporating these elements. 
  • Discover the technique of Auriculotherapy (ear acupressure).

1 1/2 days with Marianne:

Marianne’s classes will challenge your linear view and guide you into a deeper connection with the energies, building a solid foundation to higher and higher levels of awareness. She will encourage you to call upon energetic solutions for every possible situation. This class will focus on clearing.

  • Unearth energetic links to the past to discover and clear historical patterns that are holding your clients back.
  • Determining where shock is held in the body will allow you to release old shock that has imprinted in the tissue.
  • Discovering the depth of character in Triple Warmer you will learn to speak Triple Warmer’s language and help it release long held energetic patterns that no longer serve.
  • Recognizing energies that don’t belong, find out what they are and remove them safely.