Journey Series 3 

Spread your healing wings!

Calgary, Alberta - April 17 - 19, 2020

Each three day offering is designed to advance your skills and your practice. 

We’ll take you to new levels of understanding energies and their connections, as well as developing your sensing skills.

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What You Will Experience in This 3-Day Course:

Day 1 & 3 with Lori:

Lori’s classes will weave Traditional Chinese Medicine into the practice of Energy Medicine, becoming a more intricate fabric throughout this year. 

These classes will fascinate as you explore and prepare to build on the following topics: 

Unlocking secrets of the Water Element.

  • The essence of the Five Elements as seen through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will offer you insight into these powerful energetic forces which are at play throughout the physical and energetic systems. 
  • How the Elements are connected with meridians and the organs they serve will offer you clues that help assess the energetic needs of the body.
  • A journey through the rich world of acupuncture points will show you the true spirit of the points, and advance your healing skills to a new level.
  • Open the doors to understanding the spirit of TCM, and how it easily integrates into your Energy Medicine practice. 
  • A self care technique using cupping - “spring cleaning of all the meridians and organs

Day 2 & 3 with Marianne:

Marianne’s classes will challenge your linear view and guide you into a deeper connection with the energies, building a solid foundation to higher and higher levels of awareness. She will encourage you to call upon energetic solutions for every possible situation. This class will focus on building energetic strength and resilience.

  • Exploring your client’s experience will give you new tools that allow your client to relax as you assess the energies.
  • Using the radiant energy wisely will open the floodgates for you to tap into the powerful radiant flows for yourself and your clients. You will love it!
  • Working deep into the layers of energies will send you on an exploration that may have no end. Mind expanding!
  • How to align yourself and your clients with the Universal energies will lead you to connect deeply into the flow of All, and further open you to the beauty of our “Oneness”. 
  • Discovering Deeply Shaken energies and re-setting them. When the energies are deeply shaken they may not align well within the body and the environment.
  • Aligning with abundance - Abundance is a field. You will learn to shift your energies into the field of abundance to attract that which supports you on your chosen path.