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Join a Revolution in Health Care!  

Discover a new career and embrace the opportunity for self exploration. 

At the Canada West Centre for Energy Medicine, we offer a vibrant selection of Energy Medicine classes: 

  • Classes to introduce you to the concepts of Energy Medicine
  • Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Classes - Year one of Donna Eden’s Certification Program
  • Develop Your Practice classes to broaden your perspective and your practice of Energy Medicine.

Instruction is lead by Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioners with comprehensive backgrounds in the healing arts. We are committed to sharing this beautiful practice and supporting you on your journey of learning and of healing.

Through studying Energy Medicine you will:

  • Learn powerful and proven techniques designed to guide you into deeper connections with your/others energies and build a solid foundation to higher and higher levels of awareness.
  • Study the energetic connection between the way a person thinks and behaves, how the body is energetically structured, and the dynamics between the energetic body and the physical body.
  • Experience illuminating classes for an in depth understanding of the concepts of Energy Medicine, so you can deeply immerse yourself into these teachings, and experience even better results.
  • Discover effective techniques to help unlock your innate sensing gifts and abilities. These will help you experience even more powerful healings for those areas of your life that need improvement and you will take these gifts to your work with clients.
  • Experience yourself beyond the limitations of your body and mind as you begin to feel the power of the vastness around you and a stronger connection to every living thing.